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September 6th, 2005

07:21 pm - hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I can play Longview, Basket Case, Holiday, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams and Hitchin' A Ride on my bass now. They're all green day songs...It's odd how much I like green day and how everyone else would probably rather listen to the Bob the Builder theme song for 3 days straight then green day (I think it's strange that I've done that...O.o). What can I say, I like green day. Whoever doesn't is either strange, a My Chemical Romance fan, my friend or all of the above.

I love short messages :D
Current Mood: boredI AM SO BORED
Current Music: It's a Good Life-Jessie McCartney

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July 27th, 2005

01:23 am - Dear Fate.
Teehee, featuring my 2 newest icons: Kiss The Librarian and Tre Cool. I love them. ENJOY THEM OR SUFFER! oVo (lol jk...or am I? :P)

Dear Fate,

I'd just like to say, that it's really great of you to give jake a new girlfriend. But why let him have a bitch? He doesn't deserve her. Will you please, take time out of your schedule and let Melissa and Jake be one again? Please and thank you


Dear Fate,

Yet another note from "Yours Truly". I need inspiration. If you are reading this, then give me friggin' instpiration. I used all my inspiration on the wallpapers I made in the past 72 hours (all 8 of them...O.o). Anyway, I'd like to ask you to take time out of your schedule to do me another favor.


I'm so bored, i'm writing to Fate. If there really is a fate, then pretty soon, everything'll be normal again, and I'll have Dr. Pepper to celebrate. And maybe even Johnny Depp! :)

I need dr pepper and sleep. But I gotta have one before the other, so i'm going to bed. Then dr pepper. :)
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: Puppet-Thousand Foot Krutch

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July 26th, 2005

09:59 pm

mark lutz is love
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wesley is love
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Pretty soon, i'm gonna update my user pictures...the ones I have (exept the angel one) are weird...

I've been busy making wallpapers lately...

Woah, I used alot of HTML in this one...teehee....um...yes...

I got nothing really good to talk about, so I'm done.
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: This Is A Call~ Thousand Foot Krutch

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July 20th, 2005

01:58 am - um....
This week has been interesting.

I got to see my sister and my brother this week! It was really odd, because my brother came home for the day on saturday, and my mom had to drive him up the next day. But, I didn't want to go, plus I wanted to read more of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince(yes I said i'd never read it, but i wanted to finish it before my sister). But, I ended up going, and my mom listened to my green day cd, which was awesome. She liked American Idiot the best. :P But I had to listen to AORTA....never again....

CONSTANTINE CAME OUT YESTERDAY!!!!!!! My dad says that when he gets home today, then he'll get it for me ^__^ Plus the new Thousand Foot Krutch CD came out yesterday. And I mistook my friends buddy icon, which said COMES OUT JULY 19TH on it, for a Constantine icon. Odd eh? Oh well.

Luke made me do what will forever scar me for life....I had to find him a picture worthy of him, and it had to do with Charisma Carpenter. If you are an Angel/Buffy/Charmed fan, then you know who i'm talking about (she guest starred on charmed for a bit). You can probably guess what I mean, from the words 'Scar' and 'Charisma Carpenter'. :P

Just recently, I've been feeling 'Confused'...probably because of my lack of Dr Pepper. I can actually focus on a wall and not try to not think of the color purple! THAT NEVER HAPPENS! I can just think of the color purple! I'm still trying to see if i'll last a week without Dr Pepper...In the mean time, I'm gonna go make some tea so I'll last about 5 hours with a good night sleep....
Current Mood: bouncyEnergetic/Confused
Current Music: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams ~Green Day

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June 25th, 2005

08:43 am - sPiFfY
Spifftastic news! When I have the money, I'm getting me a bass!(which will probably be around my birthday, but who cares. 5 months isn't such a long time O.o) And if wherever I'm getting a bass has lefty ones, then I'm set to go! All I need is my friend to get her drumset, and my friend to join, We'll be the next poser band! w00t! And we'll even dress up like clowns.(I made that part up...)

WE don't live in perfection. WE don't have caller ID. WE don't have whatever we want when we want it. But I do. If you want to live in perfection, have caller ID, and have whatever you want when you want it, then please, Don't bother me, because I don't feel like telling you :) (i'm so nice...BOW DOWN TO ME!oVo)

My sister got me liking Avenue Q. I love when people don't understand some of the songs, when I show them to people in AIM. My favorite song, is 'Mix Tape', 'Schadenfreude', and 'Fantasies Come True'. If those aren't the real names, then don't blame me for not being able to read.^^

I watched Hercules 2 times yesterday(and into this morning because I watched it around midnight and around 2 in the afternoon), and I realized how...different...disney is when it comes to children's movies. I actually listened to what they were saying, and I'm like, "Holy crap! It's a good thing children don't understand this movie X__@". teehee :)
Current Mood: amusedspifftastic!
Current Music: My Mom Playing Video Games X__@

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June 18th, 2005

01:03 am - Basically...
Basically, my life has officially come to an end. Tonight, I learned there is more to life then the internet. It was hard to realize, and it took half the night and about an hour into today to realize, I need a friggin' life. I can't stay inside all day and do nothing. I found that I WILL start a band, whether we play good or not, and I WILL get a job as a scientist. No matter what anyone says, I WILL do those things...I just got to wait a while before I can actually do those things. First off, I need a bass, and we need a drummer because I found out that our original drummer is moving, and we have 2 guitarist's and no one likes keyboardists so we got rid of katie. Then we need a catchy name. I suggested 'The Happy Table' and we will be a punk rock band. It didn't last long, so we gave up on that name. Then, once we do have a band, we need to practice alot to get good and then we will record some songs, and hopefully get famous and live in an apartment with a grumpy cat and a fish that has been dead for about a year...or live in tents in my friends backyard like I originally wanted.

I am so friggen bored, and I am tired, and I have nothing good in my life except for my family and friends, and this computer....wow...

Please excuse my ranting, it is 1:12 am here and I am tired and cold and I can barely keep an eye on my typos. I hope I don't have any because then I'd have to edit them all and I don't want to. Thank you all, you have been a wonderful audience........
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: An eerie silence by my house

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May 31st, 2005

09:49 pm
Mwahaha, I have returneth from the depths of Ardougne! And Baxtorian Falls, but that isn't important :P

Confused about what I said above? Check out: runescape.com


My and my friends are making a band. The old band positions were:

Guitar: Kyle
Drums: Maxwell (lolz)
Bass: Rachel (me)
Vocals: Rachel(me)
Keyboard: Katie

The new band will have:

Guitar: Kyle
Drums: Max (same guy as maxwell)
Bass: Me
Vocals: Me and Max
Keyboard: Katie.

Since there are 3 people in our band that I can sing pretty good *not you kyle!*, Me and max are the best. Sure, playing the drums and singing isn't the best Idea, but hey, we are all Idiots *some more than others **kyle**!* and we will find a way to make that work out.

Anyway, again:

Runescape and everything else is really boring latley...So I decided to clean my room. And, guess what? I found a total of 25$ and a crap load of change on the ground. It was really weird too...Now I have waaay to much space in meh room....I better keep it clean though, or I might get turtles! *hopeing*

Something else:

All today, or atleast when I got on the computer, I have been working on getting the Nightmare Before Christmas song, This Is Halloween, into a piano composition, and it is freaking hard. The chords and stuff are hard to figure out, and it is really tiring...

I need sleepness...I need to pay attention for 4 days and 1.5 hours more days of school.....*sleep*
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: This Is Halloween

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April 25th, 2005

08:25 pm - Woah...
Almost a month since my last update, and not much has changed...well, not really...

1: My brother and I have created a new site for the Imperial Army, our old Runescape Clan, and made it better. Of course, we wouldn't have thought of this if it wasn't for Bulldog619. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have needed to change the clan to a different place. Plus, we made it cooler, and I am the Administrator for the Free Members. And, since we have Clan Generals (me and one of my friends), there won't be one person handling everything. My friend handles everything in the Market, and I schedule all the Clan Events. If you play Runescape, or know someone who does, then go to our clan message board: http://ironfistmonkey.proboards39.com/

2: Me and my best friend got into a fight yesterday, and she thought I hacked her name, and she was confused and now we are friends again. Well, I am still mad at her for kicking my instrument, we are friends.

3: I watched Dodgeball so many times. It is really funny, but we have to send it back, cuz we rented it. I am gonna ask my dad if he can buy it. Oh the never ending nights of watching Dodgeball, followed by Futurama and Family Guy...that would so totally rock! Except on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday would just be Dodgeball. Saturday would be Dodgeball then Futurama then Internet till I can't stay awake anymore. Sunday would be Dodgeball, take 15 minute break, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, maybe Aqua Teen Hunger Force, then bed. :D

4: Me and my sister are writing a story, and I'll have her post it when we are done with it. :D
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: Under Your Spell - Tara, Once More, With Feeling

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March 31st, 2005

07:35 pm
I was in Michigan for the past...2 days. Yea:D It was fun even though I was yelled at for not being able to talk on the phone(the right way) and I was also made fun of on the way home because of hiccups and a power plant(both long stories).

Well, I got...2 more days of being 2 years younger then my brother. His birthday is on saturday and I don't like it cuz then he can learn how to driveO_o I actually feel safer with him driving then my sister though:P

I got a new icon too^^ I made it, so enjoy it or feel the wrath of...BENDY STRAWS!(haha, my sister can't find the bendy side of a bendy straw:P)
Current Mood: energeticenergetic

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March 28th, 2005

08:31 pm - Rock On! lolz
Dag O_o I haven't updated in a while, but thats ok^^;

Heh, I got a new board and it sucks^^; it needs members...

grr......I got Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords stuck on my mind. I am stuck in this one spot, and I know what to do but I just don't want to play the level cuz I don't want to. But I really wanna beat the game! It would be the 3rd game I have beaten before my brother and he is way behind me but he can catch up cuz he can find out how to beat it and he watched me beat all the other parts and ya.

yep...thats all I got for now...I am gonna go make icons....
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Breathe No More ~ Evanesence

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